Janeane! No!

Oh. My. Gawd.

Not only is the previously super-cool Janeane Garafolo starring in some bizarre Oxygen Network TV movie that looks really stupid (I used to be a producer at Oxygen, by the way), she has clearly had collagen injected into her lips.

Check out the horror RIGHT HERE

What is this world coming to?


The IT Professor said...

I hate RIGHT HERE. It makes people read two more words that mean nothing. Why not just say Check out the horror? Would your readers not be able to guess that it was a link? Besides, it's not RIGHT HERE, it's halfway across the world. Just stop it. You can argue that it's your "artistic right." But you'd just be wrong. This is lots worse than Jimmy Buffett. You must be stopped.

katie allison granju said...

Well, the main reason I'm doing it that way is because my links are dark purple on a green background, making it difficult to see them, and I have no idea how to change that, so I tend to draw extra attention to my links to make sure folks don't miss them.

Basically I agree with you though... (although JB is still worse than setting up hyperlinks too obviously)


katie allison granju said...

By the way, Jay, why not just be Dr Neighbor? Or even just Jay? When are you going to the wedding? Call me...


Dr. Neighbor said...

Maybe he thought that the IT Professor persona would be more appropriate for slamming you for being so stupid about how you link to stories. I would never be so mean.

katie allison granju said...


I think you have some pent up aggression toward me.


Lovestory said...

Well at least she's not smoking cigarettes and acting all depressed anymore.

Dewi said...

I looked at the tape it might be the way the lipstick is applied outside her lips with lip liner. It would fit the weird character she is playing.

I think she is way too proud of being a major slob in her personal life and on TV when she is herself.
I adore her because she is hilariously insightful and hates Bush and the current administration exactly to my liking. I hope she is making tons of money on that moronic looking TV show.

Anonymous said...

mmm...Dewi...this reminds me of junior high when I formed alliances with other girls based on mutual hatreds...yeah..those were REAL healthy hate of Bush..thats how I choose my celebrities I look up to..uh if she's the humanitarian with all her Bush hating she will take all those millions and give them to the poor.. but I bet she wont..
it sort of reminds me of John Lennon bitching about how awful western society and its materialism was ('imaaahhaaagine noooo pooohsesssions...." possessions except John and Yokos anyway...) all the while totally enjoying that very materialism to the hilt.

Agee said...

Yeah, Anonymous...or like all that money Mel Gibson distributed among the poor when he personally (because he took the "risk" of funding it himself) made a half billion dollar profit off that crappy slasher-fest "The Passion" that every red state grandma felt it was their Christian duty to go see.

Just like that.