the week from hell marches on...

Last night I forgot to put my parking brake on and when I came out of my house this morning, my 2 day old new (to me) car had crashed into my fence, which was wrapped around the front of my car.

After weeping, cursing, and much gnashing of teeth, I managed to extricate the Jetta from the fence and discovered no major damage, just a lot of scratches.

My next door neighbor says I can get some sort of something at some kind of automotive store to buff these scratches out of the car. He says I should then wax it really well with some kind of special carwax.

Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be able to provide any further details -- like what this buffing stuff is called or what kind of wax he means.

Anybody got any thoughts on this? Or should I just take it some kind of place that fixes stuff like this?

Katie, car idiot...or maybe just an idiot, considering I let this happen.

PS: Hey Betsy B.K. and Stephanie J.E. - It just occurred to me that this incident reminds me of a certain Bell Buckle Ford-Fairlane-into-closed-metal-gate incident. In fact, the scratch marks look remarkably similar. I kept saying to myself, "Why do these scratchmarks look so familiar to me?"



Patrick said...

The stuff your friend is referring to, that takes out minor scratches is most likely "rubbing compound" or "buffing compound". Like most things, this comes in various strengths. You want something light, that will buff the clear coat (the layers of clear paint on the surface of your car) without scratching the heck out of it.

As for special kind of car wax, um, never heard of something special, other than say some normal turtle wax or somesuch, without going into some crazy level of detail about say, carnuba wax that you really don't need to worry about.

Patrick from Texas

Anonymous said...

You are having quite the week from hell. I hope things get better, and especially that baby Ward makes a full recovery.

Patrick said...

Oh, and one more thing. You can buy the stuff at um, a discount retailer or at an auto parts store. If you go to an auto parts store, just say your car has some scratches and what do they have that you can use to rub them out by hand. Verily the gearheads shall set you free.

Patrick from Texas.

Anonymous said...

You, Katie Granju, need a boyfriend. A nice, dependable, handy, sweet boyfriend (with good taste in hip music and a fun streak).

I know you are a feminist and all that but you need someone who can just quietly fix the scratches on your freaking car for you when you are dealing with a critically ill family member.

I'm married or I'd apply for the job, but I cannot believe that somebody isn't interested. You are incredibly hot and smart and funny and have a good job, etc, etc, etc

Come on guys. Isn't there somebody out there in East Tennessee for Miss Katie?

katie allison granju said...

You think I need a boyfriend? (I am sort of thinking I am too old to use that term to describe anyone I might be involved with)...

I wouldn't necessarily be opposed, although it's sort of nice, in a way, being completely unattached for literally the first time in my whole life.

I always had a boyfriend, always, and then got married and stayed married for 14 years, so...

But I'd take a nice helper guy with benefits ;-) Sure. I could deal with that.


Anonymous said...

I've asked Katie out repeatedly. She always says she's too busy. So I doubt she is looking for a boy friend