baby ward

Thanks to everyone for the kind notes and prayers and thoughts.

Here is an article that was in my hometown newspaper today about Ward's accident

Baby Ward still hasn't woken up. He's still on a ventilator and he is still having seizures. Seeing him like this -- and seeing his parents suffer like this --is pretty much indescribable. No one wants to leave the hospital, ever, but we've been taking shifts. His parents still haven't slept and it's been 30 hours now since he came into the hospital.

But we are all very hopeful and will remain so. We've talked to some people who have had children experience near drownings with good recoveries and Vanderbilt is absolutely the best place he can be.

For those of you who know James and Julie, and who e-mailed and wanted to see some photos of Ward, these are a few of my favorites. As you can see, he's a beautiful baby. His personality is terrific too. He's very funny and full of himself.


I took this one of Ward with his Daddy


And here are some other favorites of mine of Ward with his cousins and the rest of our family.


Heidi said...

Katie, I'm keeping all of your family in my thoughts. Please let us know if there is any change. We'll light a candle for you.

Heidi & Family

mamalife said...

What a beautiful baby... I continue to send healing thoughts to you and your family that this precious little boy will recover.

Miriam Peskowitz said...

Katie, dear, we're all thinking of you and the baby and your whole family,


Ericka said...

Oh, Katie.
I am so deeply, deeply sorry that you are all going through this. My thoughts and hopes with you and your family. What a terrible tragedy...
hoping for a full and speedy recovery.