wedding crashers review

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I went to see Wedding Crashers last night with a friend. He liked it well enough, although he fell asleep and actually snored during the movie, but I liked it a lot.

Yes, it has Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in it, but this is a movie more in the tradition of American Pie or early Bill Murray movies than Dodgeball or Zoolander or Anchorman. There's less of the whole GenX ironic humor thing and more plot & character-driven, in-your-face, slapstick, sexual humor.

It's actually one of the bawdier movies I've seen in a while and it's very, very funny.

The story runs a little long, and there are a couple of scenes near the middle-end that I would have just deleted for pacing, but you never get tired of the characters.

I'm off to go riding and then to a partay, so I don't have time to say more , but I'd definitely recommend it as the funniest movie I've seen in a good while.

Unlike most comedies these days, the funniest bits are NOT in the trailer.

And after all, Christopher Walken's in it, so it's a must-see by default.

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