I took the afternoon off today to get some errands done and my house clean. Instead, I find myself holed up on my couch, glued to newsradio (remember, we don't have television) listening to the word from London.

I love London. I spent a school term living there, interning with a member of the British House of Commons (got to e-mail her today to make sure she's okay) and going to the U. of London. It was one of the best times of my life and I would really be very happy to live there. I'm really feeling blue about the attacks today.

As I'm listening, I'm working on a pair of socks I'm knitting. Socks are my new knitting obsession. They are so quick and the payoff is very gratifying. Who doesn't love a pair of handmade socks in supersoft, babyweight wool? I still struggle a bit with double pointed needles, but THIS SITE has helped a lot, with its step-by-step photos and clear instructions.

Knitting is a very zen activity for me -- good to do when I'm upset about something and I'm definitely upset today about what's happening in London. One of the underground stations that was hit is right up the street from my London apartment...


Anonymous said...

I have a terrible crush on you. You cannot be a real person. You are great to look at, a great writer, funny and now I find out you knit and worked in the British parliament. Are you for real? Why hasn't some man in Knoxville snapped you up? I would if I lived closer.

I loved that essay you wrote for the new york times last month. Where can I read it online? I can't find it and want to show it to a friend going through a divorce.

Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Get in line.

Anonymous said...

I love Katie's writing too. I have no idea what you look like though. What do you look like? How can I find out?