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I spoke in Atlanta in April and met this very cool woman who puts out a 'zine called "Scream Machine." She's looking for submissions for the next issue and here's the info she sent me. E-mail me (katieallisongranju - at - for her contact info if you want to send her something:

Ok, alright, I've officially been accused of resting on my laurels! Resting maybe, but... CHICKABUNGA! it's time to break a beak and get going on the summer issue of Screamachine!

I am blessed by knowing some extremely organized and prolific writers who have already submitted some primo pieces for the issue. One of my dear friends has a great idea for cover art and I'm hoping to press her into duty on that job. But I still need some more quality essays on motherhood (aka momoirs or creative mom-fiction). Would also love another poem or two. Fun, funky photos are always appreciated.

In addition, I'll be considering more of those fun tips for moms -- irreverent parenting advice. (Some headings to jog your memory: "I NEVER THOUGHT" "I NEVER KNEW" "NOBODY EVER TELLS YOU" "WE DON'T..." and anything else at all you can think of that you would never find in Child or Parents Magazines.)

As a final feature (and late Father's Day tribute) I'm asking everyone to explore how your relationship with your father affects your life as a mom. The mom-daughter relationship has been explored relentlessly, but what about papa? I for one, spend 90 percent of the time with my dad wondering what he thinks about the way I parent. I'm too chicken to ask, so I started writing little letters instead. The latest reads "Dear Dad, I know asking 'how are the kids?' is your way of asking how I am, too. Please can you ask about me first sometime? Even after all these years, I'm still your little girl. And in the thick of this parenting mayhem, I sometimes need your babying more than ever." If you have a letter to your dad you want to share, (signed or unsigned -- nom de plumes and childhood nicknames allowed) feel free to forward it. Please keep it fairly short and specific. If you have several topics to cover with the old man, please submit as separate letters.

Deadline for essays, stories and shorts for the next issue is FAST approaching. August 3 to be exact.

I need a show of hands of people who think they will be contributing. If you can specify what you think you'll be writing, that would be helpful for planning, too.

I know you've got the creative super powers, hope you can make a little time to share them with us! Thanks in advance for what I know will be another incredible issue,
A,©& J -- mEg

Proud creator of "Screamachine: The Mamacoaster Zine"
"30-some pages crammed to the margins with the messy, moving, miraculous tales of our many, varied, soulful mama lives."

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