more on the twilight sentinels

Last Thursday night, I went to Preservation Pub to see The Twilight Sentinels play. I'd seen them once before, a few months back, and thought they were great. This time, I was even more impressed.

The band reminds me of The Cramps; they have a very tight, very fast rockabilly sound, but with a punk overlay. There's definitely some surf music in there, and you can tell that Brandon Cottongim, the amazing bassist (that's a huge stand-up bass, by the way) is a jazz fan.

Tom Appleton, the guitarist and lead singer, is a Knoxville expat (and former Cyberflix guy) now living in Atlanta, which means the band hasn't had too many Knoxville area gigs yet. But as more people hear this band, they're going to be in high demand.

I plan to go see them whenever I get the chance, including in Atlanta when they play there, which I think Brandon's wife Patty told me would be soon. They're worth the trip.

I'll let you know when they play next and then you should go see them too. They're Knoxville's current great undiscovered gem of a band. I like being an early adopter, but I hope more folks get the chance to see them play in coming months. Then, when people rave about how great they are,  I can say I told you so.


PS: I am thinking of getting a tattoo, my first, and Brandon said he'd do it for me. He's a really good artist (check out his stuff on the site linked above), so... I'm the last person in America without any ink on her body, but I'm thinking of letting go of my tattoo virginity...


Anonymous said...

You definitely need a tattoo.

mamalife said...

I got a tattoo about 3 years ago after wanting one for at least 10 years... in fact I just posted a picture of my tattoo on my blog... I say go for it!!!

Dewi said...

Put it in a place you can hide under clothes.
There comes a time in social or business situations you will not want a tattoo showing. Trust me on this advice I’m probably older then most of your readers, I got a tattoo when I was a hippie in the early 70’s. It’s on the back of my shoulder and I’m grateful I can cover it. I was not a happy mama when my daughter wanted a tattoo. Having it under my clothes did help in the argument with my daughter... I seem to have read her too many Waldorf fairy stories; she got a fairy on her lower belly.
It could have been a horses head!

Anonymous said...

um, you are saying you are a hypocrite Dewi? do as i say, not as I do? I am proudly tattooed over most of my right leg and working on the other. I really dont care what people think of my tattoos. I am well beyond what most people would consider "a small tattoo well hidden by clothes". that is thier problem. interestingly enough my daughter doesnt want any tattoos except temporary ones because she is afraid she will change her mind. my lack of it being an issue has removed any incentive for her to want one for the rebellion factor. a lot of people get tattoos for stupid reasons (rebellion, shock value, identity with an unsavory group, etc etc etc) and these are the very people who regret it when they grow up and get over the issue that led to the tattoo in the first place. people who got their tattoos for reasons uncluttered by "issues" rarely regret them ( except names, never get a name tattoed on your body) I am glad I waited till I was past my "lets try and shock my parents" stage to get one because I got what I wanted, not what would have made maximum shock impact. of course when I have visited her in her conservative midwestern city I have gotten hairy eyeballs at the mall. my first instinct is to ask people if they havent ever seen a tattoo before and to stick their eyeballs back in their head where they belong. my son covers himself in fake tattoos and is already planning what ink he wants as an adult. I think parents have way bigger fish to fry than whether their children get tattoos. and I have known a lot of kids whose parents refused and then they proceeded to do it themselves or go to some hepatitis pit in some friend of a friends brothers basement. I see these scare articles in magazines about everything bad taht can go wrong (most of which only applies if you go to a scratcher and not a reputable tattoo artist or piercer) that you should present to your tattoo desiring child to disuade them and I just think their kids must see right through it as the manipulative half truths and lies that they are.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you scared it's a means for Big Brother to identify you? That's a reason some of my friends don't have 'em.
Maybe trying out a fake tattoo for a while to see if you like it is an option, like anonymous's son.
Personally I never wanted one because a) I hate pain b) I thought I'd get tired of what I picked out. If I live to be really old, say 75, maybe I'll give it a try.

Anonymous said...

big brother? how do you figure?
actually your reasons for not getting them, fear of changing mind or pain (its not that bad, really) are valid. its the people who are horrified that it will mar them in "respectable" society or think it will kill them or something that just get me. have a little spine for gosh sake, I mean who CARES if someone thinks bad things about you because of your tattoo. that is their problem, not yours.

Dewi said...

Yes, I do care what people think.
You have tattoos on your legs that are easily covered why you giving me a hard time.
I live in the real world, and enjoy my reputation as person of sound judgment and part of that package is acting in a personally responsible manner about my appearance.

Sometimes even well adjusted well-raised children do stupid things. A tattoo across the back of the hand or neck is not acceptable in the business world my family is part of. I was guiding my child not to do something too stupid in the name of hasty adolescent thinking. Call me a hypocrite or judgmental but I find it unacceptable when in the position to hire an employee to look past their poor judgment having tattoos on there face, hands and neck.

Anonymous said...

I dont consider my tattoos a stupid mistake Dewi. I dont consider them as indicating a lack of sound judgement. no I cant cover them up...and I wanted it that way. I gave a lot of thought to getting my tatttoos and I am proud of them.
I dont want any part of your nasty judgemental little business world that your family is part of. I wouldnt want to work for a company like that.
I am restraining myself from saying what I am really thinking because this whole string will probably get pulled if I do.

Anonymous said...

thats YOUR opinion as to whether getting a tattoo is "poor judgement". if I applied for a job with you and you insulted me like that you would probably be ripe for a lawsuit. I seriously hope someone with a tattoo peeking out in the line of visibility applies for a job with you, you refuse them and they find out the reason why and they seriously sue you and you are forced to pay them damages and agree to never refuse to hire tattooed people again and oh yes, that your own tattoo and hypocrisy are unmasked at the same time.

Anonymous said...

well, Dewi, you dont care what people think if you are nursing a five or six year old in public do you? you would be in your face whether people wanted to see your breasts or notand/ or be extremely uncomfortable with you nursing a school age child, right. then you would be "asserting your rights' and you would probably go to court to uphold them. because lets face it, whether you and the other feminazis would like to admit it, breasts ARE sexual objects and men DO like them...and it doesnt mean they are sick perverts because they do, even though you and your ilk think they are. but if some guy inadvertantly gets turned on by your breasts or someone has some major red flags going off because it gives them the willies to see a kid old enough to cut up their own happy meal still sucking on its mothers tit, well, its really not YOUR problem if they are offended by your parenting practices, oh no. however, since you have a closed snobbish little mind (interesting how many liberals are, when we get right down to it, incredible snobs, despite their tolerance stance...they get worked up about stupidity while proclaiming tolerance for morally deranged acts at the same time) you do reserve the right to totally descriminate against people who choose to cover themselves with beautiful artwork. I hope one of your kids tattoos themselves allover like the leopard man.