update on baby ward

Ward is still in a coma and on a ventilator today, but we had some encouraging news from his CAT scan, which he got last night.

The doctors say the next 48 hours are critical in terms of his longterm brain injury and how serious it is or is not. His brain will apparently continue to swell for the next day or two before beginning to heal, and how much it swells is an important indicator.

Thank you so, so much to everyone thinking of him and his parents and his two brothers, Jack and Gray.

Here is a recent photo of Ward that my mom sent me today


I feel especially thankful for a particular group of mother-friends I have all over the country and really the world, who have been with me through several really serious life events in the past ten years and who all lit candles for Ward last night. Thank you. You know who you are and how much I love you :-)


Mary Chamberlin said...


I want to let all of you know that several Webb friends are holding all of you in our prayers. The Allison / Anderson clan is dear to us. Pam Harrison stopped by last night to lend support. She heard the encouraging news from the CAT scan and we have passed it along. Your BLOG is a great place for us to check in for information. Thanks for the updates. Tell John, James and Julie that the crowd from 82-85 is pulling for Ward's full recovery!

drummerguy said...

I pray for peace in the midst of this storm for all of you.


Megan Weaver Shoenfelt said...

Please let the Anderson/Allisons know we (Bronnie and I) are thinking of your precious little Ward. We are praying for him. I'll keep checking your site for updates.