ward update - friday nite

This photo of Ward was taken only an hour or so before his accident. He was apparently quite intrigued with this bug ;-)

ward with bug[1]

Here, from my little brother, Robert, the latest on Ward as of Friday night. We are cautiously optimistic. There have been small improvements and no deterioration. We'll take that:

"It has now been 72 hours since he was pulled from the water. This is significant in that, statistically, you have a much better chance of making it when you have made it this long. They have removed his neck brace and have pulled out his nose tubes. He is on a regular ventilator and his lungs are absorbing oxygen well (they were not doing this at first).

He is in a drug induced coma. The plan is to stop giving him the drug some time tomorrow. Then it will be two or three days before the drug is out of his system. Then they will try to ease him off of the ventilator. Then they will try to wake him up. Tomorrow he will have another CAT scan to see how the brain swelling is doing. We are all hopeful it will be as positive as the first one.

He will not wake up right away. If all goes well, he will wake up in stages with a finger moving one day and a vocalization a week after that, etc. This could go on for days or weeks or months.

Right now, all things considered, the doctors are very encouraged. Ward looks good. His color is good. His overall health seems to be improving. He is working through issues. He is a strong boy.

James and Julie are holding up OK which means that they are not crying all of the time. They appreciate everyone’s prayers and thoughts. Over the next weeks they will need everyone’s support as they work to make Ward better.

I will continue to keep you posted."

and here is a note from tonight from Ward's grandfather, my Uncle John Anderson:

"Dear friends,

We will never be able to give adequate thanks for all the wonderful support and love everyone has poured out for Ward and the family. The community, the churches, and individuals are filling the Anderson family's hearts and souls in a way that I hope will bless everyone. Please continue to pray when you can for Ward, Julie, James, and all other people who are in adversity. ( We see other families at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital whose own tragic circumstances make even Ward's troubles seem much less by comparison.)

We will not hesitate to holler when a need arises. We know that friends are everywhere who are most willing to help. Meanwhile, please do not neglect your own many personal needs and responsibilities. Every family in town has someone sick or troubled in some way. Please be sure to spread this love and help in all directions. I hope that I can come out of this a better person, more responsive to the needs of others. So many of you are so wonderful and shine your light so brightly.

I don't mean to wax maudlin, but you all really have touched us very deeply. Thank you. I know that I will never succeed at communicating the gratitude we all feel.


Fitzhugh Family said...

I am still praying for precious Ward...please keep us updated on his recovery! And let his parents know there are tons of people that are praying for him from reading your blog!

The Bionic 1 said...

I'm just Blog surfing and I came appon this one.
My pryares are with you and Ward.
Sad, so very sad.