new music from the new pornographers

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I just found out that one of my very fave bands (thanks QMM) has a new record coming out in August. It's called "Twin Cinema." You can read about it and download the first single RIGHT HERE


Anonymous said...

You are the coolest woman on the planet.

Run away with me. Ooo, wait I forgot I am already married. My wife might object.

I love the NP also. My wife won't let them play in our house or car. She used to have good taste in muzic until we had kids. Now she seems to have lost all interest and anything played other than very quietly upsets her.

You have kids. How is it that you still find time to see and listen to new bands?

Anonymous said...

I think its incredibly tacky for you to post on a message board on some random woman's blog about being unhappy about your wife. What if youre wife reads it?

Mr. Booni said...

I like those New Pornographers, too. I didn't know they have a new one coming out.

HAve you ever checked out Neko Case, the women who sings often with them? She is wonderful, too.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,
I tend to agree with your wife and do not like the band. Maybe her taste in music evolved past the teen era while yours did not.

katie allison granju said...

I am able to see/hear new bands for a couple of reasons:

First of all, listening to a lot of music is necessary to my mental wellbeing. Seriously.

My children like music and like hearing/seeing new music. They are getting old enough now that I actually take them to some all-ages shows. My oldest now introduces ME to bands I've not yet heard.

Also, seeing/listening to music is part of my job. Lucky me. I get paid to write about/report on the arts in my city, so...

Last, my kids live with their father just over 1/3 ofthe time, which means that when I am not on mother-duty, I am able to go places and see bands I might not otherwise catch.

There was a period when they were babies/toddlers when I rarely went out to see new music, but we still listened to a lot of music. They were rocked to sleep to Teenage Fanclub and Johnny Cash and the Lemonheads.

My children's father, Chris, is also a big music fan, so the children hear a lot of good stuff at his house and he is the head of the Granju family band, with Henry on guitar, Jane on bass and Elliot on drums... Chris plays guitar too.