me first and the gimme gimmes

Last night I had to work late and after, I was invited over to my friends' Patty and Brandon Cottongim's house to go swimming at night (the kids are with their dad on Thursdays)

My plan was to NOT swim, since I tend to be more of a lounge by the pool and drink alcohol kinda girl, but Patty insisted that I get in the water (or,she said, I would be thrown in the water)

So I did. And it was a really good idea. I can't remember the last time I went swimming at night and the water was warm and there was a slide and the cicadas were buzzing and it was just really fun and exactly what I needed after the week from hell.

Plus, Brandon introduced me to this record while we were swimming, which somehow I had managed never to hear before. With a punk rock cover of "Seasons in the Sun," the evening was even better...

I have decided I am definitely going to learn to play bass. Patty and I are going to start a band. No, really! We really are.

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