bring them home

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Via my friend Dawn Friedman, I've found this great site: AfterDowningStreet.Org.

Check it out.

One of my oldest and dearest friends was shipped to Kabul last week. This is a photo of him saying goodbye the afternoon before he left to his wife, Kimi, who is the closest thing to a big sister that I have.



Dewi said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friends. How tragic that our honor bound proud soldiers must go fight an unjust war for the lying scoundrels in this Administration.
I hope your friend comes home safe.
Frank Rich has an excellent op-ed column in today’s Sunday Times.

Anonymous said...

oh please. you liberals just cant buy the fact that maybe we just need to be over there. I am proud of our soldiers and glad that they fight for our freedom. they fight for the right for you to shoot off your piehole with your anti american viewpoints.

Dewi said...

The war in IRAQ is not about our freedom!
You are misinformed.
I do not support the war and it is not being fought on my behalf.
It’s sad you still believe this load of crap from the White House. This administration can keep on changing the mission to fit their own spin, and the blood continues to be on your dirty right wing nut hands for perpetuating the propaganda the White house feeds American people. How can you fall for so much crappy spin from this administration?

Oh, I forget it’s an East coast liberal elite thing to think and analyze critically our government. Now that’s patriotism at it’s best to question my government, a quality that Liberals all have and make us superior to you and makes me proud to be an American. Unlike most of you, the right wingnut Republicans I’m proud to question my government.
That’s a Democracy.

Anonymous said...

gee...thats nicely said, insult the intelligence of anyone who disagrees with you. I grew up in a very liberal family and i have to say I was fed a lot of propoganda. when I got out in the world and realized what a load of horseshit I had been fed about things like abortion on demand among other things I realized just how unquestioningly I had accepted liberals as "nice" and conservatives as "the bad guys". anyone who does not think that liberals are manipulated by the media and nutjobs like Micheal Moore at least as much as they claim conservatives are manipulated by people like Pat Robertson (of whom I am not a huge fan of believe it or not) has got a thing or two to learn. I personally think that perhaps none of us, except those closest to the situation really knows the truth > i have heard the business about how they didnt find the WMDs over there and to be honest it sounds more like an honest assumption rather than some deliberate attempt to dupe the american people.

Anonymous said...

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