the "hot dog informant"

I do love East Tennessee's small town newspapers and this is why: "Hot Dog Vendor Disputes Claim He Is FBI Informant"


It's an entire, long article on how this hot dog stand guy is NOT an FBI informant, but how he's afraid to re-open his stand because of the rumors running rampant in town that he IS an FBI informant and that the hot dog stand is just a front.

Apparently, folks in Cocke County do not thing it is a mere coincidence that their local hot dog stand closed up shop THE SAME WEEK the FBI came to town to crack down on cockfighting.

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mancub said...

Just look at 'em. He's got "militant allegiance-free governmental agency go-getter" all over his face. Still, some folks could be like me and like hot dogs so much, we'd buy one from him against our own conscience. Don't hate me 'cause I'm hungry.