betty bean on skb's vanishing act

All of Knoxville -- well, okay, at the very least, all of Knoxville over the age of 30 who like to hang out downtown and drink beer on Wednesday nights -- has been abuzz this week over the abrupt disappearance of popular Knox blog, Not only did the blog vanish, so did the thriving online community called BubbaBlab that SKB had launched after Metro Pulse publisher Brian Conley killed off MetroBlab.

The puzzling part of SKB's vanishing act was how it came with no warning. Folks woke up one morning at it was gone. No explanation.

Since then, rumors have been flying around as to the "real reason" SKB closed up shop, with many surmising it had something to do with his recent,  unpleasant dust-up with Conley, but the only clue SKB has given is that the blog wasn't fun anymore and there was no graceful way to make an exit.

As she generally does, Betty Bean has the best information on the how and why of this latest bit of Knoxville media intrigue.

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