blue plate special

My friend Jack Neely and I are going to wander down to Gay Street at noon today (Tuesday) and watch Todd Steed and Mic Harrison play a live show on WDVX as part of their Blue Plate Special series.

You can eat lunch there - I had a good salad last time I went.

If you can't come watch the lunchtime show, you can listen to it live on the radio or on the WDVX website (click the link above).

UPDATE: The noon show was great fun. As a Jayhawks fanatic, I was happy to hear 'Save it for a Rainy Day'

Also, Todd played his North Knoxville song. I've been meaning to tell him that my son Henry is much happier about living off Central Ave (he was NOT in favor of moving there from our house in Bearden) now that he has heard 'Thank God for North Knoxville.' He points out to his friends that no one has written a song called 'Thank God for Lyons View' or 'Thank God for 37919'

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Anonymous said...

Saw you at the show. Cool necklace :-)