what are schools teaching kids about Iraq?

This is an AN INTERESTING ANALYSIS of how the materials that corporate America distributes in our schools may skew the way the war is presented to children.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would be better to gloss over the fact that Islamic fanatics are hell bent on subjugating the world to their psuedo-religion ... might as well throw in some Holocaust denial for good measure

Anonymous said...

If being "hell-bent" on converting the world is the criteria for categorizing certain members of the Islamic faith as practicing "pseudo-religion," should not the extremists who bomb gay clubs and abortion clinics in the name of Christianity get their religion reduced to "pseudo?" It always puzzles me that people who are willing to concede that Eric Rudolph is a "nut" (instead of a right-wing Christian nut) often insist on never mentioning terrorists without mentioning that they are ISLAMIC FANATIC nuts. I am not trying to bombard anyone with political correctness. I just say that those who make sweeping generalizations should strive for across the board accuracy. If you think Islam is the only religion for which people have spilled blood, brush up on your history.
(a "godless" liberal who opposes the U.S. invasion of Iraq)

Laura Linger said...

Anonymous One:

You might be interested...horrified, in know that this American citizen considers YOU to be a terrorist, what with your hatred and your disdain for those who do not believe precisely the way that you do in the deity of your choosing.

Hello, Kettle? It's the Pot. You're black.

Scholastic apparently pulled their "Path" materials from the distribution schedule. What I find frightening is the willingness to align themselves with a television network to spread their lies. Don't our nation's kids get enough television propaganda at home?

Anonymous said...

What are schools teaching kids about hot dogs and donuts?

Anonymous said...

Hot dogs are part of a nutritious lunch :)
Donuts are a good way to hold fundraisers for your school, and make great rewards for good behavior :)