being a working parent

Working Mother magazine has just released their annual list of the TOP 100 COMPANIES FOR WORKING MOTHERS.

My company isn't on it, but I have to say that overall, they are really great at accomodating my mothering. Still, the thing that's made my life as a work-outside-the-home-mom most improved is Jon. Having another adult in the household to help with everything has just lightened my load beyond belief. And he is VERY helpful.

Another thing that made/makes my life much easier is friends. Especially while I was single and trying to juggle caring for three children, all their activities and keep my job, I had so many friends who regularly stepped up to the plate to help me: my sister Betsy, Suxanne, Katie C., Susan K., Ann C., all the other wonderful mamas at the barn where Jane rides...

But having an understanding employer really makes all the difference.

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dewi said...

My friend used to be an editor at Working Mother Magazine when they started that list. The irony is Working Mother magazine has an atrocious maternity leave and is not that family friendly.