blog reader giveaway

I am going to be interviewing the author of this new book later this month for my blog and her publisher has kindly provided me with three copies of the book to give away to you, fair blog readers.

If you would like to have one of the books, post a comment below with a question you would like me to ask the author, and follow up with an e-mail to me at with your mailing address. I'll mail the books out to the first three readers to respond both on the blog and by e-mail.


Leslie said...

I have a couple of questions for her.

1. Do you address medicines given as part of pregnancy care that may be toxic? I'm thinking specifically of the Rhogam shot but there may be other examples.

2. What is the tone of the book? Will reading it make me feel like my already born children are irreparably danaged because I did not know to avoid all this stuff? Will it make me feel like a bad mother if I can't successfully avoid it in subsequent pregnancy?

(Actually, I guess that is more than two questions!)

Anonymous said...

My question is:

How can you have an organic pregnancy if you are traveling a lot? It is not always easy to find organic food while on the road and staying in hotels. I am also wondering the best way to eat/order at restaurants that don't serve organic.

Anonymous said...

Can you get pregnant by emptying a can of Redi-wip up a woman's vagina?

Anonymous said...

Critics will say that this content just serves to perpetuate 'mommy guilt' - adding to the laundry list of things parents 'must' worry about. How do you draw the line between informative and alarmist?

Anonymous said...

What gets top priority for the pregnant momma to consume organicly? There is organic cotton diapers, and organic chocolate, along with organicly fed chickens and grass fed beef. And of course fruits and veggies. What is most critical?

Thanks! Paula Santi

Anonymous said...

You draw the line with your own mind. No one can MAKE you feel anything. Take what you want, leave what you don't.

Sarah said...

1) What are some workplace toxins to be aware of during pregnancy?

2) Are all organics created equal? What are the standards, quality assurances of "organic" products?

3) Is there ever a time in your opinion that the price of organic foods and household products is not worth the cost? In other words, as a pregnant woman, what non-organic foods and products (if any) can I feel safe and confident about?