the case against homework

I cannot wait to read these TWO NEW BOOKS revealing how pointless and even damaging homework is for kids.

I hate homework.

I wrote an essay ON THE SAME TOPIC

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Alan said...

Just read your interesting essay on the topic. I'm a substitute teacher and a parent of two kids, the oldest of whom is in first grade. I found myself immediately having nearly the same reaction as the other parents you mentioned, which is actually kind of odd. For you see, I grew up an "underachiever" who got very high test scores but low grades, primarily because I almost never did my homework. If my schools had followed your proposal, I might have gotten a full ride to Stanford!

Still, I'm just not sure there's enough time in the school day to teach the lessons and do the practice needed as well--at least in math (I think an argument can be made for not having daily homework in other subjects, though occasional papers and projects should be assigned). It would require going more slowly, when we are already falling behind other nations.

One final note: though I know it was at least partly tongue in cheek, don't mix red wine and Tylenol (acetaminophen)! That was the exact combination that blew out a man's liver and led to his winning a big lawsuit against the makers of Tylenol. Now they have a warning right on the bottle not to drink alcohol and take their product at the same time. Much better to use ibuprofen in this situation. ;-)