Jane is running for student council, and last night we were trying to come up with a slogan for her campaign posters.

I suggested: "U.S. Out of Iraq! Vote for Jane," but she wasn't too keen.

Among other ideas, Elliot suggested "I love Jesus! Vote for Jane." and "Elvis is my homeboy! Vote for Jane!"

Henry suggested "Vote for Jane...because she isn't Henry!" (Henry had a bit of a reputation as an obnoxious annoyance to the teachers in the middle school last year)

My favorite came from Elliot's friend Liam, who was eating with us. He's in 2nd grade. In all seriousness, he said she should go with: "Vote for Jane and you might just get a box of donuts." I told him it would be too expensive to buy donuts for everyone in 6th grade and he pointed out that the "might just" language would let her off the hook. At that point, Elliot piped in with a new idea, "Vote for Jane or your cat might disappear." He was dead serious. I explained that you cannot win an election by extortion.

We finally came up with:

Vote for Jane for Class Rep. For a 6th Grade that's:

A- audacious
N - nice
E- excellent

Aunt Betsy printed up some lovely flyers in pink and green (we don't have a color printer) and Jane happily took them to school this morning.

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