My family likes to throw parties. We throw big ones and small ones. We eat and drink and make merry pretty much at the drop of the hat.

I always loved it when my parents would have parties when I was little. I liked hanging around and listening to the grown-ups talk and then falling asleep on my father's lap while he tossed back what was likely too much whiskey and chatted everyone up.

When I was a teenager, no matter how busy she was (and she was VERY busy) with her work, my mother always encouraged us to have as many friends over as we liked pretty much whenever we liked.

I've inherited the predilection (sp?), and I like having parties, too.

On Sunday night Jon and I had our first soiree since moving into our new house. It was just a potluck thing, but it was great fun and we had a nice group of people, some of whom were neighbors I hadn't yet met.

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