Hey Fellow Bloggers! Help Me Out! (please?)

I reallyreallyreally need to sell my house now that Jon and I have gotten hitched and moved into a house of our own. It's an AWESOME house at a great price. I need to get the word out.

Would you please link to this post on your blog or ask me ( ) to send you the photo and HTML to post the info directly on your site? Consider it a blogger-to-blogger wedding gift :-) You will have my eternal gratitude:




Here is my adorable craftsman cottage. It's in the historic OAKWOOD LINCOLN PARK NEIGHBORHOOD of Knoxville.

It is 1468 sq feet and has 3 bedrooms and 1 large bath. Plenty of room to add a second bath upstairs or downstairs.

It also has:

-Hardwood floors throughout, most refinished
-Large sunny kitchen with big windows, pantry and orginial built-ins
-Central heat and air
-Flower garden
-Large, fenced yard with view of Sharp's Ridge
-Original wood windows in most of house
-Original, UNPAINTED wood trim throughout
-Working gas fireplace
-Large, airy, dry, daylight basement with small, soundproofed "music room"
-Many original fixtures
-French doors
-Nearly new hot water heater and nice built-in dishwasher
-Historic neighborhood near downtown with sidewalks and active neighborhood association

This lovely house is in very good shape. Move-in ready! With only minor cosmetic updating, it can be a real showstopper.

Asking price: 99K - HIGHLY NEGOTIABLE! I've bought a new house, so make me an offer.

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karrie said...

I added a link to our blog, since we get a good amount of traffic from Tennessee.

We bought a new home last summer and opted to find tenants for our old place instead of selling, since the market here is a bit flat. I know how stressful all those mortgages can be.

Good luck!

katie allison granju said...

Thanks Karrie!

Jenn said...

congrats, Katie! If I had readers in tennessee, I would help out..

Our new house is smaller than your "cottage". :-)

Alan said...

Wow, that's a great price (and you have great taste--no surprise). I guess the housing bubble hasn't hit there; or else (like where I live) people overvalue generic newly built homes (generally with no woodwork, low ceilings, no character...blech) and undervalue the classic ones.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if your property seceded from the City of Knoxville I'd buy it.

Michael said...

I will throw up a link on my blog and hope that will help. :)

Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

I want, I want, I want. Man, I wish that house was in the Nashville area, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Good luck selling it, I'll put a link up in my blog for ya. But MAN, I wish I could get it.

Granny said...

Great price, especially to someone like me who lives in CA.

I have one TN reader I think but you couldn't blast her out of Memphis.

I used to have Knoxville relatives but we've long since lost touch. I've been there once and remember it as a lovely city.

Anonymous said...

hay miss katie /mommy from sydneybobiny & janeeefofany