one year off

Someone asked me this week what I would do with a year's paid vacation. This was my answer:

If I could do anything for a year, I'd write several books I have had on hiatus for 2 years - probably by going to a writers' retreat (I was accepted to Bread Loaf year before last but couldn't manage the logistics) spend lots of time lying in a hammock with my children, ride (horse) every single day, get a lot of massages & pedicures, drink a lot of beer, visit friends and family with no plan or agenda, work for a candidate of my choice (since my current employment prohibits my active involvement in specific political campaigns) and read, read, read...and knit a lot. And work in my garden.

What would you do? Comment below.


Dewi said...

Rent a house in Provence region of France. Have friends and and family visit us. Shop the markets in the morning, cook, eat in great restaurants, read on the beach, swim, afternoon naps in the sun, drive or hike around the countryside on short trips.

Anonymous said...

1 month in amsterdam followed by three months in rehab :) the remaining 8 months would be spent with family and friends.

Elizabeth said...

I would like to travel. I think first I'd spend some time in Paris, as we've been hankering to get to Paris again. Then other places in France and Italy, then down to Israel, Egypt, and maybe other places in Africa.

Then home for a bit of recuperation. And then I'd like to thoroughly travel the US and visit friends we have dotted all over.

Then I think I'd like to devote some time to learning stuff like pottery and other art, take some advanced cooking classes, maybe take a music course.

I think I'd also donate some time to Habitat for Humanity, and possibly other charities doing work among the poor, here in the states and possibly in Mexico or central America.

I'm assuming money is no object here? :-) Thanks for the chance to dream a little!

Suzette said...

The first 3 weeks I'd do nothing but sleep: sleep in hotels, sleep in hammocks, sleep on a beach, sleep under the stars. When I woke up, yawn, I would re-visit Montana (Yellowstone) then go to Western North Carolina. Both places I would hike, swim, trail ride on horseback, take photographs. I would also go to culinary school at one of the better schools.

Melissa said...

First I would redo my whole house since it hasn't been done in 14 years. After that I would just spend the time doing whatever the kids wanted to do. We spent the last 4 days just hanging out and playing games. It was the best 4 days of my life!

Dr. Neighbor said...

Except for teach one class instead of two each semester and not teach summer school, not much would change.

Now, if I had a lifetime's paid vacation, well, I might write about food and play more guitar and write more songs.

Suzette said...

I thought of something to add:
I would spend several days exploring the grounds at Biltmore Estate! I love the gardens but there is never enough time.

Of course as per my previous post, I would have to find somewhere to nap. hee hee

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