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Question of the day: do I or don't I take a date with me to my Webb School high school reunion this weekend? I have someone fun in mind, and the party itself should be superfly (I helped plan it and am the DJ for the evening, and the whole thing is happening at my little brother's very cool house in Bell Buckle). But maybe it would be more entertaining to go solo... Not sure. Haven't ever been to a reunion thing.

Have you been to a school reunion? Was it a good time? A terrible time? Did you take a date? Did you wish you hadn't? Did you hook up with an old flame? Did you wish you hadn't?

Post your reunion thoughts below and if you are willing, I may contact you for an article I'm writing for a magazine on best and worst reunion tales.

I'm hoping my own 80s era event doesn't resemble the similar party in Grosse Pointe Blank... (which, if you haven't seen, you should rent right away)


Anonymous said...

Don't take a date. It's likely you will run into an old friend you would rather spend time with.

Stewart Manning said...


I'll be at the party. I will happily serve as your date for the evening.

As I recall from back in the day, we have fun on our dates.


Anonymous said...

I actually had a good time at my 15 year reunion. I hardly recognized anyone there though so it was osrt of like going to a party where I was meeting all new people. I took my husband so the date issue wasn't there. He was perry bored though. He says he won't go back for year 20.

Anonymous said...

I got laid at my last high school reunion party's after-party. So it was a good time.

Fitzhugh Family said...

I don't think you should take a date! You will be worrying about entertaining them instead of having a good time and relaxing and chatting with old friends. Just my opinion.

Amy (Kimbrell) Bailey said...


I brought my then husband to the Webb 86 reunion 9 years ago and he was bored to tears. I bet you'd have more fun on your own.

I found your blog a few weeks ago, and I really enjoy it. As a new mom and a former Webbie, I have enjoyed hearing your take on things.

B.A.A. said...

No date for Kate. That's my vote.

I'm coming to the party and want to get you alone behind the soccer field. Is that spot even still there? Don't know, but we'll go look. I'll bring the refreshments.

Brian A.
Webb Class o' 87

S. Friedlander said...

T.S. Eliot, that old poofter, said: Men live by forgetting -- women live on memories. That should offer some insight as to whether you should take a date to your Webb reunion!!!

Anonymous said...

definitely no date, unless you're already in a relationship with somebody who can stand all the old stuff getting dredged up. And even if you're sure, it still might get rocky.

But it would have to be better than the GBP party, right?

Rich said...

I went to my 20th (dear god, no!) reunion in 2001. I was freshly divorced so I went stag, which, now that I think back on it, was sadly appropriate considering my high school dating career!*grin*
The reunion was at a classmates home on the Tennessee River, and despite some initial misgivings, I went and had a blast.
I wasn't the most popular kid in my class, to understate things just a tad, and it was fun watching people's reactions when they realized who I was. The 2 decades had seen me change from a shy, quiet, nerdy guy to an outspoken, confident, nerdy guy. In fact, I came in second place for "Most Changed Since High School", losing out to a guy who had had a sex change.

It was a fair contest, and I easily won "Most Kids", so I wasn't too disappointed.

It was really fun to catch up with people and see who was where, who was fulfilling all expectations, and who had peaked in high school. And the changes!
The class clown was a minister. The football star sold compressed gas. The quiet guy nobody really knew was a very successful doctor. And then there was the guy who went from military officer to hosting a puppet show.

He was living his dream, so more power to him.

Of course, some things hadn't changed. The class beauty queen was still beautiful; the class brain was still smarter than everyone else in the room, and "Love Shack" was still just as silly a song as it was in '81.

In the end, it was a great evening as I got to see some old friends, and actually made a couple of new ones.

And no, nobody really got a sex change. I made that part up.