Oakwood-Lincoln Park

There is a new yoga studio up the street from my house, and yesterday on my lunch break, I went and did an abbreviated Ashtanga class. It was a really good class. I think I'm going to switch there. The instructor also teaches belly dancing.

My funky neighborhood at the base of Sharp's Ridge is really happening these days. I can now walk to yoga, belly dancing classes, a good coffee shop, free concerts downtown, the food co-op, my office, several parks, and a plethora of fab junk stores. The new movie theatre on Gay will open in six months, and we even have the new Chicken City outlet store on Central. Great neighbors, sidewalks ...

Now all we need is a good used bookstore on Central.

If you are house hunting in Knoxville, you really should look over our way. The houses are still much less expensive than they are three or four blocks south inside the Old North historic overlay.

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mamalife said...

It sounds like a really neat neighborhood that you live in! Lots of old charm and character.