Making 80s CDs for party and stumbling on many of my old pop records I'd forgotten, including:

Scruffy the Cat

Camper Van Beethoven

The Silos

Zeitgeist (this band's first record, on dB, was really terrific. Called "Translate Slowly" -- they reincarnated as "The Reivers" but I still love the Zeitgeist songs...)

White Animals (I wasone of the dozens of underage preppy hipster girls dancing to this record at Cantrells in N'ville in '83-'85)

Jesus Chrysler (listen to the MP3 by clicking on the link and scrolling down the page)

dBs - Stands for Decibels

Taoist Cowboys

Aztec Camera

Golden Palominos

Prefab Sprout

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Anonymous said...

Jesus Chrysler - the most unnaturally beautiful group of young men the city of Oak Ridge has ever produced.

They were fair musicians, but oh, Simon! The Myers brothers and Chris Shirley.