words to live by

Hooking up with old boyfriends is rarely a good idea, especially if you run into the old boyfriend at an afternoon Christmas party where he has been slamming heavily spiked eggnog.

I learned today that drunk, 36 year old frustrated novelists -- no matter how good looking -- are far less fun than one might imagine. In fact, they tend to be a little bitter and clingy.

So keep that in mind should you have a similar experience this holiday season. Just turn and walk away and pretend you didn't see the other person before it's too late.


mamalife said...

Very funny... I suppose if someone is an "ex" there were reasons which still exist!

Dewi said...

A New York Times letter writer to the Sunday style section recommends looking for old boyfriends from High School and College as a best bet to finding romance or a mate! Dr Nancy Kalish PhD has been conducting survey research on these reunions for 11 years; “they lead to unusually successful romances and marriages”.

I agree with your assessment that drunken old boyfriends at a Christmas party are never a best bet for a future romance!

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