pret a porter

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After slacking on my knitting for the past 8 weeks, I am now almost finished with this project. I did it in citrine colored ribbon yarn - very easy to work with... Much easier than regular yarn, actually.

Now if the weather would warm up, I can actually wear it.


Anonymous said...

I really want to learn to knit. How did you learn?

Oh great One said...

What a great tank top! I can knit a little only basic stitches. I am more of a crochet person myself. I love that pattern, you should post a picture when you finish it!

katie allison granju said...

My grandmother tried to teach my sister and me to knit when we were little, but it never took. I started back after Adrienne M. invited me to a stitch n' bitch at her house about three years ago. She helped me cast on twenty stitches and I was off...

I rely on my friend Suzanne to help me when I get stuck on something, but mostly I muddle thru. It's a great hobby for someone ADD like me who likes having busy hands at all times. And I am a certified yarn junkie. I love to buy yarn second only to my love of buying shoes. I spend more on shoes and yarn than food, probably. That's not really a good thing, but it's true.

I also buy a lot of book sbaout knitting that I never get completely read.

mamalife said...

That is a beautiful sweater... I quilt, sew, and cross-stitch. I wish I also knew how to knit. Perhaps one of these days I will learn.

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