no hairpeace

Tonight I spent $200 getting my hair made unpurple. Only now, it's orange. It's awful. It looks like that guy's from The Flaming Lips (maybe his is no longer orange, but you remember, right?) It's sort of salmony orange -- very bad.

My regular colorist guy was on vacation, so I entrusted the job to an underling. Big mistake. And I am such a pleaser that I couldn't bring myself to tell her that my hair is not RED, but ORANGE.

How I am going to get this fixed before Saturday night, when I am going to a party, I do not know. And before this party, I have work, a horse show, dinner in another city, and I am supposed to do something on TV tomorrow afternoon...


Julee said...

I think the haircolor for the Flaming Lips dude was tangerine.

katie allison granju said...

You're right - tangerine ;-)

Colorist-guy can see me at lunchtime. Says he can fix it.

Folks in the newsroom say tangerine hair is actually not so bad.


mamalife said...

$200 for orange hair... oh my!

katie allison granju said...

Yeah, it's a sad state of affairs - the hair saga. It's mostly fixed's been transformed into a rather fetching red, and next week they can add in the chunky, streaky blond stuff I want. But at this point, if my hair doesn't get a rest from its chemical workout, it may all fall out.


Anonymous said...

I dont think for two hundred bucks I would have a shred of trouble telling the colorist he/she was going to get it right or be very without her fee. heck, I'd have pulled the journalist card and promised a nice newstory on rip off hair salons if they didnt get very busy very fast giving me my moneys worth.