the house!

the house!
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By the end of next week, our house will really be ours. Jon closes on Friday.

Before we can close, however, the new roof has to go on and we just found out from the appraiser that a bunch of slightly peeling trim has to be scraped and repainted before closing (otherwise the house appraised great - at a price above what we are paying with no other issues noted).

So in the next week, the roofers will be rofing and poor Jon will be scraping and painting like crazy.

But we are both so excited. We both just LOVE the house and can't wait until we and the children are all moved in.

The kids are very excited, too.

Here is some info on the house's STYLE (Folk Victorian with craftsman details) and HISTORY


Anonymous said...

1343's a pretty cool house too. If I'm remembering correctly, it was built for two sisters, one who lived upstairs and one downstairs. It originally was located a few blocks south, and was moved during the interstate construction.

Have you met the owner (can't remember his name off the top of my head), or his downstairs tenant Stephanie? They're both really great folk.

- Steve

bfmomma said...

Why does JON have to scrape and paint? Isn't that what the SELLERs have to do before they can sell it?

color me confused...

Leslie said...

It's a darling house. Do you plan to be on the Christmas Tour?

jon said...

Jon has to scrape and paint because somebody has to do it, and the seller has already bent over backwards with concessions (and I don't want to pay somebody to do what I can do myself).

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