swapping size 0 models for size 20 models on the runway

Jean-Paul Gaultier made some sort of statement with his runway show this week. In it, he USED PLUS-SIZE MODELS instead of regular runway models. This comes after Spain decreed that no runway shows could be held during fashion week in which the models had an unhealthily low BMI.

What do you think Gaultier is trying to say? And is he exploiting obese folks for the shock and PR value?



Cathy said...

I seriously doubt if he did this with good intentions. I suspect it was his way of making an ugly statement.

dewi said...

Size 0 is ugly, and unhealthy on a women who is 5'10' tall. Just as inappropriate to then swing to the opposite using a size 20 women. He's a ass!
It is just plain inappropriate.

What happened to the "normal" size runway models like Heidi Klum or Giselle that are curvy and look like they eat and are a size 6?

Anonymous said...

Is size 6 normal on a grown woman?
Honestly: I don't believe so.

What about a more healthy size like 12, 14 or 16.

When i was in college (in the early 80's) The Balerina , Gelsi Kirkland was my dream bodyweight idol. If only I could like Her!!.
Kirkland came out later with a Cocaine Habit .

As a culture we really have to look at this.

Different American Cultures don't seem to have this problem.
African American woman don't nor Indian Women, Asian American Women.
they aren't dying to be thin.


Anonymous said...

It's a reverse psychology strategy: You see, when people see those size 20's walking down the runway, they become involuntarily bulimic, vomiting up about half their BMI from the horrendous site. This will create a new generation of size 0 models.

karrie said...

The woman depicted looks larger than a 20 to me. I'm 6ft and a 16-18. I could stand to lose some weight obviously,so I'm not trying to be cruel,but I would say the model in the shot you posted is probably a size 24 or so.

Dewi--I respectfully disagree. I know women who are in the 5ft10 range at both ends of the spectrum that are attractive and healthy. Some people are naturally very, very slender and others are heavier.

My bone struucture alone dictates that I could never wear a size 6--barring cancer or a similar illness. Likewise, one of my sisters is a very healthy size 0-2. Following a balanced diet and working out a few times per week,that is where her body "settles."

I would say that most of my friends who are healthy, fit and of average height and bone structure seem to look their best at a size 10 or so.

Personally I would like to see healthy, fit models in a range of sizes. Fat chance of that ever happening,

dewi said...

I was only trying to make a point that a size 6 on a 5'10" model has been the fashion industry standard for at least 20 years "normal".

All the years before 1980, a size 8 was the standard size for fashion models. I used to work in advertising photography studios and do casting.

You cannot be that tall, and weigh 90-100 pounds, and be healthy.

dewi said...

"What about a more healthy size like 12, 14 or 16?"

Never going to happen in high fashion runway shows. This will never be the norm for high fashion runway shows. If you are a model and a 12, or 14 you are the size considered to be "plus size model".

It is sickening but high fashion is an aspiration business. It sells an image and makes most people feel inadequate that is how they sell products. I am grateful that we finally have a fashion industry with beautiful clothes and beautiful women selling clothes that caters to women that are over a size 14. I have worn a size 18 and a size 6 and all the sizes in between. I always want to wear and own beautiful well-made clothes and see beautiful healthy women selling the clothes no matter what their size.

Dorian said...

I sincerely doubt the girl in the picture at least, is size 20, considering my girlfriend is one size smaller (18) and she is not looking like that. To be honest though, like many of you said he is doing it to shock, and I think he is. Many sizes is better than one or another! You girls are not all one size, so why should models be? They always say that it is easier to make clothes "look good" on a skinny girl, and that you can always make the tiny clothes easiest because it is cheaper for less fabric, etc. But it gives everyone skewed ideas about look! I won't say size 0 is bad, because I knew someone who was, only she was less than 5 feet tall. (4'10) and she looked pretty. But stretch that up to 5'10 and that would not look right.