babynames redux - the boy dilemma

Yeah, clearly this topic is on my mind. And I know we have a while, but I enjoy thinking about it (just ask poor Jon, who is being harassed incessantly on the topic by me).

We have several girl names we like a lot (his favorite, Charlotte, has become one of my favorites as well. See how open minded I am?)

But boynames are gonna be an....issue.

Maybe there are some we just aren't thinking of.

So give me your ideas. Really, my only criteria is that the name has to flow nicely with those of sibs Henry, Jane and Elliot.

So comment below with babyboynames. Maybe you have ideas we would never even have considered...


Anonymous said...

William, with the nickname Will

dancediva said...

Could you use Jon's name and make the baby a "II"? That's what my mother did and my brother uses the middle name so there's no confusion.

You could also name him after your super-cool grandfather. (Whose name I don't know, but you get the idea.)

I like Will (above), Patrick, Caleb, Nathan, Paul, Scott, Mark, and Benjamin.

You'll find something brilliant. :)

Anonymous said...

boy names stumped us too. when we were thinking about another infant, (we aren't any more -- if another boy comes into our family, he will already have a name), he would have been either jonathan (after julie's recently deceased uncle, whose middle name was john and my late uncle, whose nickname was johnny) and we would call him nathan. or else isaiah, after the prophet (my son is micah, after micah 6:8). i like a lot of the old fashioned names that are coming back -- like charles/charlie, james/jim/jamie, michael/mike/micky. i've even seen felix and oscar lately, and i think they're great! if you're irish, i like william with the nickname liam, or seamus for james.


Anonymous said...

Benjamin, Michael, Christopher, Noah, Adam, or Jason.

Mia Storm said...

With the idea of flowing with the traditional names you already have:

Philip, Stephen, Neil, Joseph.

(I'd suggest George, which I think would fit well too, but then everyone would think you named him for Dubya....) ;)

Katharine said...

Ooh! I like Mia's suggestion of Neil! My almost-12-year-old is named Neil Allan.

Anonymous said...

Being a good southerner, I'm fond of double names.
John Michael
John Paul

I like Andrew, Wesley, Milton, David, Francis, Alan, and Robert.
Just please please no 'Wayne' as a middle name. Surefire way to get a little serial killer....

BTW Charlotte is one of my all-time favorite girl's names.
I also like flower names for girls, such as Lily or Rose.

Anonymous said...

Something that "flows." From Baby's Got a Bad, Bad Name:

We'd kind of like something that sounds good with Mikayla (our 3-year-old).

Dear God, they're tailoring them into box sets!

Anonymous said...

How about Carlito, man?

katie allison granju said...

Or "Carlito Mudpuppy...."

Anonymous said...

Kenny? as in "oh my god they killed Kenny"?
or Bam after Bam Margera.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Eugene. Or Eugenia.

- Steve K.

Anonymous said...

Or Mykhailo.

- Steve K.

Anonymous said...

Good Anglo-Saxon male names:
Charles, Matthew, Adam, David, Daniel, Richard, Thomas. What's wrong with Samuel Anderson, like you mentioned previously?
We have a Samuel Saunders (maternal family name as the middle name). We call him 'Sandy'.

dewi said...

Maxwell (Max)
Jackson (Jack)
Zachary (Zack)
Calman (Cal)

Anonymous said...

Uh...David, Matthew, Thomas, and Adam are Anglo-Saxon? funny I thought they were from the Bible which makes them from ancient and classical-era Israel...

Sarada said...

Hmm, with the names you already have, I'd suggest going to the Social Security website, and looking at what was popular 100 years ago. Use that as your name list.

karrie said...

My first thought was Wilbur. ;)

I agree with a pp that Samuel Anderson seems a nice fit.I'm personally partial to the name Max, which was also mentioned. Thomas also fits well with your other children's names.

Friends of ours love the name Otis--and would have used it if they had a boy. At first I did not like 'Otis', but it has grown on me. Ditto my youngest brother's name, Vaughn.

jon said...

"Hmm, with the names you already have, I'd suggest going to the Social Security website, and looking at what was popular 100 years ago. Use that as your name list."

Actually, I tried that.

The SSA list from that long ago is entertaining, actually. Plenty of Marys, etc, in the "male" list.

Anonymous said...

I like Joe; of course Joseph.

kayla said...

I have a William, known as Will, and he's usually one of a dozen on the playground at any given time. Three of my closest friends all have sons named Will.

I also have a Michael, which I don't hear nearly as much.

I am a sucker for classic names. With the three you have, your fourth will obviously have to be classic as well. Alas, no "Moxie Crimefighter" for you!

Anonymous said...

well, every girl named Jane needs a brother named Dick. course I wouldnt do that to a boy these days.
at least your last name isnt Head.

firstimpressionist said...

Seeing as how I will never have actual kids, I give my favorite names to my pets if they seem to fit their personalities.

Charlotte is my sweet dog.

We also have cats named Lena, Lois, Jeremy, and Rosalina.

A name I've always thought would be nice for a girl is Emily Anthea.

Sarada said...

While trying to fall asleep, I came up with a name list:

Jack (I know, overused. But it still belongs on the list.)
Leo or Leonard

Well Jon, if you've already tried the Social Security list, then the next step is clearly to celebrate All Saints Day (Nov 1) by taking a traditional trip to a very old cemetary. And take notes from the headstones.

You might also consider buying a copy of Butler's Lives of the Saints. Some very good finds there, too. Who knew The Rock was named after a saint?

Leslie said...

Have you tried the baby name voyager? It is very cool. You can use it to look for names with beginning sound that you like. Also, the person who came up with it wrote a book as well, and one of the features of the book is that it suggests names for brothers and sisters, i.e., if you look up the names of your current kids, you'll find names the author thinks would go well with what you already have.

I like traditional names for boys as well. I have a William, but that is the #1 boy name in the South, so I wouldn't go there if I were you. I've also got a Theodore, which I think goes very well with your boy names, and you can call him Teddy (what we call ours)or Theo (what he has them calling him at school now!). If we have another boy he will be James and called Jamie.

Hmm . . . Oliver would be really good, I think. It's old-fashioned, but not overused. I think that's the kind of thing you are looking for, yes? What about Simon? That goes well with Jane--very English.

Isn't it fun thinking about names? We always start doing that almost right away!

Anonymous said...

I think something "British" sounding yet simple, like Henry, Jane and Eliot.
I've this book in front of me, "Stuart England" and a look through its name index suggests all men at the time were named:

or, if you go for names not as simple (and not as beatiful),


Anyway, Charlotte is lovely!

Marta from Lisbon

Anonymous said...

I was also thinking Oliver. I also love Nathaniel (Nate). My son is Samuel (Sam).

Honey said...

An Anglo Saxon name would be something like Garwig, Herewig, Eadweard, Styweard, or Aethelraed.

Garwig=Gary(spear warrier)
Herewig=Harvey (battle warrier)
Eadweard=Edward (guardian of the riches)
Styweard=Stewart (guardian of the sty)
Aethelraed=Ethelred (renowned prince)

debra said...

Evan James

Anonymous said...

I love traditional, old-sounding names, too. Since you asked, here are my favorite boy names:


Congratulations again on your pregnancy.

MissyT said...

You can look far back in your family tree for interesting names from your ancestry. You'll probably find all sorts of cool names from a century or two ago. Also, check out this fun link to check on popularity of names:

Robert said...

I vote for Blufe. Katie's grandmother had an Uncle Blufe that she speaks of highly.

mary c said...

I talk to about 50 folks a day at work and take notice of cool names- tadys winner Harper!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

We have Colin at the top of our boy names list (after sons Ewan and Seth). I think it would go well with your other childrens' names. :) Oh, or Trevor.

Anonymous said...

I love the name Remy.It's different but