disco girl and disco pony

In many ways, my daughter and I are quite different. For starters, she is much prettier than I ever was and far more adept with making herself look even better than I ever was. Give Jane a pile of clothes and a hairbrush and she'll put together a fabulous ensemble and coiffure in mere moments. When I was in 6th grade, I had clunky glasses, funny clothes and a bad haircut. I am also much more of a bookworm and newsjunkie than she is; she prefers Teen Vogue to Newsweek.

But we are very close and do have one major thing in common: horses. I was obsessed with horses from the time I could talk and she is too. This year for the Halloween Horse show, she plans to dress herself and pony up as "80s Girl with 80s Pony." When I was the same age, I won the costume class at the 4-H Halloween Horse Show dressing myself and pony up as "Disco Girl and Disco Pony."

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