pat tillman's brother speaks out

When conservative, Catholic veterans who have lost family members in Iraq start speaking out THIS FORCEFULLY against the war in Iraq, I believe the WHite House will soon have to change course.


Sarada said...

I think veteran is probably more the key word there than conservative Catholic. The Vatican spoke out initially against invading Iraq, and under Benedict, the criteria for "just war" seems to draw ever smaller. There are lots of conservative Catholics who have always been opposed to the war.

I think that until there is a party which is more uniformly aligned with Catholic beliefs, the Catholic/Republican alliance will continue to be uneasy.

clara said...

I agree. I`m Catholic, pro life, anti death penalty & anti war. It makes it really hard to vote!

dewi said...

Stop believing in politicians to create a moral underpinning to our country. Find it in your spiritual leader. All upoliticians are untrustworthy.
At this point in history, we cannot do worse with new people in control!

Leslie said...

The only surprising thing about a Catholic speaking out against the war is that more of aren't.