Wednesday & opening up about personal life on a blog

Sometimes - okay, lots of the time - people criticize me for being too open and honest about my real life on my blog. The reality is that I am more open than many/most bloggers, but I hold more back than some others.

Heather Armstrong of is a good example of an uber-honest blogger. Talk about putting it all out there; Ms. Armstrong does.

I know that legions of fans love her writing and I've tried, I really have. She's undeniably clever and a good writer, but frankly I don't get anything (and am actually rather repulsed) by reading about bodily functions, which is one of her more common topics of family life.

Anyway, here's an INTERESTING ARTICLE about her blog, which has humongous, outrageous traffic. It's now her full time job.

How many of you read Dooce regularly? Frankly, I prefer, penned by writermama Marrit Ingman.


jonathan hickman said...

I've never been able to get into dooce, either.

Elizabeth said...

I read dooce. She's bookmarked right after the one for your blog. I can understand the things that you don't like about it--I've felt that way sometimes, too, and being so drunk in public and bragging about it really put me off too. But once in awhile she is screamingly funny and I stick around for those moments.

britney said...

I like to read dooce - great photos, fantastic writing, hilariously funny stories. I haven't even noticed the bodily function focus so much. I am also obsessed with mormonism which is another draw. It's funny because I don't think of her as disclosing that much of her personal life online - she doesn't post that frequently and while details she shares are funny, they are also somehow appropriate.

katie allison granju said...

I, too, am obsessed with Mormonism.

And she is indeed superfunny sometimes.

karrie said...

I love, love, love Marrit's writing style. I'm in awe of her talent.

I don't 'get' Dooce though. Never have. She's technically a very good writer but her words do not speak to me. I'm not bothered by blue language or potty humor, it's more of a 'look at me. I'm special' tone and some other quality that I cannot quite put my finger on,that leaves me looking elsewhere.

dewi said...

Mormonism also intrigues me.
Sometimes she is so naïve and sincere about her humbling experiences as a mother and dealing with depression, I frequently get teary-eyed reading her sentiments towards Leta.

I think she is a good photographer and designer, the monthly logo designs are intriguing. Chuck cracks me up with his special abilities.

When I read about her in The New York Times about two years ago, I did not want to like the blog but fell under her spell and became a huge fan and daily reader.