first visit to midwife

Today I had my first appointmant with MY MIDWIFE and it went very well. I like her a lot.

Everything seems normal, except maybe for the fact that I still don't really feel that pregnant. I can't remember when feeling sick all the time kicked in with Elliot (my last pregnancy, in 1997), but so far I've felt quite excellent with this one, which makes it somewhat hard to believe I am actually expecting.

My sister keep warning me that she, too felt fine until late in the first trimester when she suddenly began feeling awful and stayed feeling that way for several months. I don't want that. Instead, I'm hoping for a mostly nausea-free pregnancy, like I had with Henry in 1991. When I was pregnant with Henry, I felt so good all the time that I honestly couldn't really believe I was pregnant until I started feeling him move. So far I haven't gained any weight either.

Here's hoping for an easy nine months... And I am hoping I can convince Jon to consider some of the boy names I love (William, for example) that he says he really doesn't want to put on our short list :-)

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