forgetting pregnancy

Every once in a while it hits me: I am going to have a baby.

But most of the time, I sort of forget about it. I feel mostly just fine. No extreme symptoms at this point. I'm happy. I'm busy with kidshusbandhouse(s)familyfriendsworkfreelancingdogsbloggingwalking, etc.

The first time I was pregnant, it was on my mind 96.4% of all waking hours because I was so excited and it was all so new. Plus, I had no other children upon which to lavish my maternal energies. Now I am busy with the children I have, so sometimes I just forget about the whole thing for long periods of the day.And then I have a moment of great excitement and that's fun.

Next week we will have our first appointment with THE MIDWIFE.


Leslie said...

Did you have any of your other babies at Lisa Ross? My sister had her second baby there and she just loved it. Are you going to try waterbirth?

I know what you mean about forgetting and then suddenly remembering . . . I used to love waking up in the morning and remembering!

katie allison granju said...

Nope, I had two at St Mary's (EXCELLENT EXPERIENCES) and one at Fort Sanders (YUK. NIGHTMARE. DO NOT RECOMMEND.)

But I know lots of people who have had their babies at LRBC and I do want a water birth this time (my sister had one with my nephew and I was there and it was just gorgeous.

I am a bit nervous about the pain, as I've never had a 100% unmedicated birth.

Anonymous said...

Fort Sanders was wonderful both of them-regional when I killed my car at 7 months pregnant and I gave birth at west I had great doctors & even greater nurses

Leslie said...

I love St. Mary's. I've had all my babies there. And they have a waterbirth option now as well!

I bet you'll do fine without meds. So much of that has to do with the support, the mindset, and the expectations of your facility, I think. Did you have epidurals before, or what?

Anonymous said...

I have heard of many bad experiences at Ft Sanders. If you go to LRBC, they'll send you to Ft Sanders Prenatal for ultrasound-bad experiences there as well. If just routine ultrasound, no big deal. However, if you need to be transfered to hospital during birth, they will use either Ft Sanders or St Marys. As you already know, insist on St Marys.