i want to interview you!

I am writing some new articles for and I'm looking for interview subjects. Please be in touch if you fit one of these categories and would be willing to let me ask you some questions:

-You have reglazed/refinished bathroom fixtures rather than replacing them (whether you did it yourself or hired a professional)

-You have a "non traditional" floor in your bathroom (wood, bamboo, cork, one of the new "bathroom friendly" carpets, glass, rubber matting, cement)

E-mail me at

Feel free to pass this along to friends and family who may fit the interview bill.




Anonymous said...

Vol Abroad said...

My mother-in-law paid out a crap load of money to have her tub re-somethinged or other. Re-enamelled! Yep - that was it. She hired the same guy that re-enamelled the Queen or the Prince's bathtub at one of their Scottish castles.

I thought it was a HIDEOUS waste of money. But my in-laws make a lot of decorating choices I don't agree with.

I don't know if they're suitable for interview - as they and the tub live in Edinburgh.

Anonymous said...

I had the inside of my clawfoot tub reglazed and the exterior faux painted in a dark pewter. Both the interior and the exterior look as good as they did four years ago when I had the work done.

Anonymous said...

I want to know why I can no longer have a white kitchen.Appliances are stainless(cold and fingerprint) cabinets are bisc(dirty white.I thought white never went out of style, been through the avacado,gold,pink era. Could you please ask the powers of HGTV?