the republicans are in big trouble...

...as evidenced by THIS OP-ED by the editor of a conservative, small-town Kansas newspaper explaining why the newspaper will be mostly endorsing Democrats in the upcoming election.


Jenny said...

So much for not demonstrating your political bias while working for the MSM . . . .

katie allison granju said...

Uh, this is not ME writing this, it's the Republican editor of a Kansas newspaper. It doesn't mean that I am "biased" to say that this sort of op-ed doesn't bode well for the GOP's chancesin November. I'd say that's political analysis, rather than pushing some sort of one-sided agenda.

Even openly GOP commentators are seeing signs that the party may be in for a very rough ride in November.


Laura Linger said...


You know what? Get over it. We've been having to listen to Republican drek for six long years now, so suck it up, baby. Suck it up.

Katie, thank you for posting this...but do you ever feel sad that it took SEX to bring the demise of the GOP's current reign of terror? I mean, nothing motivates an American, especially a JesusFreak, like a sex scandal. I could laugh and say payback for Bill Clinton, but we're talking about pedophilia, which is just wrong and so very, very sad.

I guess 3000 dead soldiers and twice as many lies coming from the Commander in Thief and his gang of thugs just aren't enough to get Americans to see the light. Maybe we should just be happy that they ARE seeing the light.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and we know that the media speaks the ultimate truth--bigger than Jesus Christ himself.

Anonymous said...

it's simly the arrogance of power. the scandal in the house is very reminiscent of Jim Wright/Bob Packwood/Dan Rostenkowski. These clowns get elected, then forget why they were elected, and stop thinking the rules apply to them. They think that power is an end in itself, instead of a means to achieving honorable and defensible ends (once upon a time, you could have said that about the Republicans. No more).

They will reap what they have sown.

newscoma said...

Thanks for the link. I really was intrigued by the op/ed piece. It's very interesting to see the fractures happening in both parties.
And yeah, Jenny. I work in media too. And I am a bit biased and will admit it that our government is in crisis. I think both parties are more concerned about being in office than taking their time in office to attempt positive change.
It's all about for me, and this is my opinion, about power.
And sometimes power corrupts, which I'm seeing right now.

firstimpressionist said...

While I don't look on the page scandal lightly, I can't believe that any one of the multitude of previous scandals hasn't generated more of a tumble for the GOP.
I'm astounded by what's been gotten away with thus far.
Woodward said on David Letterman last night that he once asked Al Gore what percentage of what's really going on in Washington does the public know about. Gore answered 1%. Then Woodward asked what percentage would we know if Gore wrote a tell-all and he answered 2%.
That is so frightening.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have a Big Sex Scandal and it stars (Ms. Lewinsky)a volumptuous woman with a healthy sex drive. The affair came to light NOT BECAUSE SHE REPORTED BEING HARRASED but because she confided in a ravenous publicity whore like Linda Tripp. The Republicans have a Big Sex Scandal and it features little boys who report being "creeped out". When the right-wing media compares the Foley scandal to the Clinton scandal, I think that this little factoid escapes their mention.
PS Just because Katie is not cowed
into submissive silence does not mean she is demonstrating political bias.

dewi said...

"PS Just because Katie is not cowed
into submissive silence does not mean she is demonstrating political bias"

Thanks for pointing this out, I feel the same way, there seems to be a strong agenda to quiet her voice on her own blog on any subject she mentions, and any of us who support her POV.

Sarada said...

I think the Republican alliance with the "morals voters" is an uneasy alliance at best.

Have you read "Crunchy Cons" by Rod Dreher? He has a blog by the same name. Although Republicans and Democrats tend to be painted as all holding the same opinions, they really don't. Rod is an example of someone who voted Republican, but doesn't really support Bush or the war in Iraq. Someone who has spent a lot of time weighing issues isn't necessarily going to be a loyal party voter.

All this to say, I think if all those who grudgingly voted Republican in the last election grudgingly vote Democrat this time, yes, they could be in for a rough election.

Jenny said...

Don't misunderstand: I'm not trying to silence anyone. I prefer to know the bias of mainstream newsfolk. It's Katie's rule, not mine. I don't care if she blogs on politics all day. Just noting.

Daron said...

Hey Katie,
We relocated to Kansas about a year ago, and the Johnson County Sun is really not a "small-town Kansas newspaper"... I'd even argue that it's not particularly conservative, although it's certainly not liberal either.

Johnson County is a very large, fairly rich (in the top 50 counties in the country for per capita income) suburban county with about half a million people, in the Kansas City, MO metro area (which has about 2 million people). As far as politics, it's 50% Republican, with the rest being split between Independents and Democrats. Although both Kansas senators are Republican, the Representative for Johnson County, Dennis Moore, is a Democrat. He's been there since 1999.