the year of yes

Has anyone read this book, The Year of Saying Yes?

It's about a woman who decided she was tired of ending up with the same sort of man always, so decided to say yes to everyone who asked her out for an entire year, no matter how implausible they were (example: she went out with an actual MIME.)

I just don't think I could do this. I have been on some truly terrible dates in the past year and these were with guys who at least on the front end, appeared to have some potential. Some of them were so bad that I bolted halfway through the date (I know. That's terrible and rude)

And I have had some VERY strange people ask me out. No way would I have said yes. And some people I just haven't felt like there was any point in it for them or me. I could predict pretty surely that no fun was going to be had.

I do want to read the book, though.


dedanaan said...

I wouldn't say "yes" to everyone who asked me out. I'm sorry I said "yes" to half of those who did.

Elizabeth said...

Perhaps the idea is that there are those who you'd initially say no to that would turn out to be a very different kind of man than you usually go out with. Maybe it could serve to help you break out of your mold. I dunno, just an idea.

Elaine said...

I always say "yes." And I can't remember the last time a man asked me out.

Perhaps there's a link.

Dewi said...

It is an interesting concept however; your life situation is very different. That author led a private life and not a mother. Katie you’re a public figure (many people know you who you do not know) I would strongly discourage you from saying yes to any schmo who asks you out on a date.