I had a reader e-mail me to ask what kind of horses I ride.

Well, I ride hunter-jumpers. Basically, I like to gallop fast and jump. Today, I rode a new (to me) horse for the first time. I was warned he could be a bit spooky and "hot," but he was wonderful for me, so long as I let him have his head. I had to keep very light contact with his mouth or he wouldn't stay collected for me.

I have been riding a rather slow mare lately, so it was nice to be on a horse with more of an engine. Jumping him was great fun and after the storm/arctic temperatures we are expected to get tomorrow, I want to try some higher jumps with him.

I like horses with a bit of an edge, just like I tend to be drawn to people with a bit of an edge. I get bored easily, so horses and people who keep you thinking one step ahead are just more fun. Of course, the flip side is that when they -- "hot" horses and people -- are bad, they tend to be very, very bad. Still, I would rather deal with that then boredom.

Off to a holiday soiree...


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